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Curious about childbirth? Wondering how you can prepare for your own healthy pregnancy, labor and birth? Hoping to reduce your chances of a cesarean birth or seeking a VBAC birth (vaginal birth after cesarean?) Seeking a more satisfying birth experience with less interventions? Unsure what childbirth prep classes to take? Are you an expectant dad wondering if/how you can help your wife?

George and I, Nancy, are here to help! Since 2009, we have been teaching natural, evidence based, and time-proven principles that really work and not only make your birth go easier but help with bonding and breastfeeding too. Make no mistake. Roughing it with no classes or with a crash course is not optimal for something as important, strenuous and variable as childbirth.

Ideally every expectant woman should take measures in pregnancy to stay healthy and comfortable in pregnancy and to learn about the birth process and non-medical comfort measures for labor since there is no guarantee she will get her medication "soon enough" or that it will even work as it is expected to. Fewer medications and interventions not only lead to a more satisfying experience but are encouraged by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

We glean from contemporary research and resources as well as from 20th century natural childbirth experts to bring you the best possible childbirth education. We are Bradley-certified childbirth educators whom are well-respected by midwives and obstetricians in our community and are known for our high success rate of couples achieving childbirth without need for pain medication. We encourage others to follow in our footsteps and become Bradley Method® educators.

The Bradley Method® is the most comprehensive childbirth education available. Bradley instructors are known for their commitment to quality, up-to-date education and the most satisfied students, those achieving a drug-free birth and those few requiring interventions. Bradley couples go into their birth so well prepared that if things are not "textbook", birth doesn't simply happen to them. They have natural alternatives to many potential interventions. They are able to make wise choices with their birth team, knowing they have done everything within their power to have a healthy baby and safe, healthy, satisfying birth experience.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping expectant couples in our community prepare for childbirth because we believe and have experienced first hand that evidence-based education, practice and continuous support in labor are key to a more satisfying and healthier childbirth experience. Since 2009, we have been co-teaching small group classes and private lessons by appointment, couple to couple, preparing baby's father for the role of primary labor support following the model established by Dr. Robert Bradley, author of Husband-Coached Childbirth and also presented in Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon and Erick Ingraham. We have had hundreds of satisfied parents that have taken our classes and recommend us to their friends and family.

We serve the tri-state area. We teach regularly in Fairfield and from our home in Shelton. We also teach group classes in a student's home as long as there is room for a minimum of 3 couples (us included.) 

Instructor Profile

George and Nancy reside in Shelton, CT, and are parents of four grown children whom were all birthed with out pain medications. Nancy learned about natural childbirth in high school, when a friend loaned her a paperback book, The Immaculate Deception. Soon after while attending college, she was preparing for a report on the role of the expectant father in childbirth. Her primary resource was a book, Husband-Coached Childbirth by Dr. Robert Bradley, known as the "father of fathers." The book was so practical and insightful compared to other resources she had studied, that she determined when the time came for her to start a family, it would be "the Bradley way." Thanks to George and Dr. Bradley, George and Nancy confidently succeeded in having four exciting, memorable, healthy pregnancies and surprisingly manageable birth experiences without need for pain medications.

George and Nancy are certified instructors of the Bradley Method® of natural childbirth since 2009. Previously, Nancy served as a trained volunteer lactation counselor and co-leader in southeastern Connecticut when their children were young. She is a registered nurse and BSN graduate of University of Bridgeport. She currently is a personal support for a mentally challenged client. George is a graduate of Regent University of the State of New York with a BS in technology and works as a manager in the fuel cell industry. He is also a Veteran of the U.S. Navy. They both have had teaching roles professionally and personally over the years.

George and Nancy enjoy sailing, travel and spending time with their family including two grandchildren whom were birthed using the Bradley Method.

Contact Information

Most students contact Nancy via email and she typically responds within a workday. You may also call and leave a message including your name and due month or date and any initial questions you have. We can send a general info email that answers many questions about our classes. Please provide your due date, location traveling from and evenings or weekend times you are available for classes. Though our schedule is usually occupied by group classes, If you have an irregular schedule and our schedule permits, you may take private lessons by appointment.

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